In a democracy everybody has the right to make a case and to try to gain attention and acceptance for political goals. But our issues have become ever more complicated and political decision making processes have, too.
And if you are advocating for a social cause it seems you are going against all odds. We specialized in supporting social change and will be ready to drive your agenda in the capital of Germany.

Digital Public Affairs.

Is it still facebook for a digital campaign? Social media is the pacemaker – for both news media but also political communication. We support you in finding adequate and meaningful technological solutions to connect with your audiences.


Think first, then act. Seems clear. Often enough we don’t do it. For a number of reasons. But: Thoughtful and systematic political communication start with strategy development. Our specialty.

Political Campaign.

Marathon, not sprint. Constant vigilance. Strategy adaption. Readjust. Creativity. Wit. Segment target audiences. The whole toolset of communication. That’s campaign.
Let us help.

Celebrity Campaigning.

"… and we need a celeb" is a famous first sentence for a bad campaign. We offer consulting for respectful and effective cooperation with outstanding individuals.

Philanthropy Public Affairs.

If you command unusual capacities you might want to put them to use for positive change. With a background of strong experience and international contacts we help with preparation, strategic orientation and with establishing contacts among politics and society.
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My seminars and speeches give you and your team a solid knowledge as well as creative impulse in political communication, crisis communication and digital campaigning.

Depending on your needs you’ll receive a tailored service: whether you need a crisp 6-minute Pecha-Kucha speech or a full day workshop. Theoretical basics are just as covered as exercise and Best Practice.

The slogan is Public Affairs for Social Change. Because there are not enough experts who want to make a difference for those who need it most. Several things have to come together to bring about social change: Policy knowledge, strategic skills, commandment of digital and conventional campaigning tactics and an effective contact network.
My expertise combines a strong background from consulting civil society organizations and foundations with political and business know-how.

My consulting service can be a mediator between non-profit and for-profit. It can be guidance in the jungle of political structure and decision-making. A bridge between Anglo-Saxon and Continental approaches. Strategic support for the smart integration of modern communication technology. And creative input for low- and no-budget campaigns.

Sergius Seebohm

Sergius Seebohm is an expert for public affairs with about 15 years experience in political communication and consulting. As Communications Director he contributed to the growth of the world’s largest campaigns platform,, which grew in Germany from 60,000 to over two million members in less than 18 months. Before this, as head of communication for the advocacy organization ONE, he lead over five years various lobby efforts for poverty reduction, global health and transparency, prepared numerous high-level meetings for individuals such as Bono, Bill Gates or Bob Geldof and masterminded award winning campaigns. Before joining One Sergius served as a strategic communications consultant for clients such as the Federal Government of Germany, Coca-Cola, Bayer and studiVZ. For the P.E.N. Writer’s Association he organized the communication for the World Congress – and won the renowned PR Report Award for outstanding performance.

Two years at the WestLB bank and an MBA from thet Quadriga Hochschule, which he completed as best of his class, underscore his business expertise.

Sergius Seebohm has engaged for years on behalf of transparent and fair practice in advocacy and political communication by serving in honorary capacity on the board of the German Association of Political Consultants (degepol) as well as in the German Council for Public Relations (DRPR). has been privileged to work with
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